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lhPlayblaster 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Set and forget your playblast settings while animating!

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  • 2017, 2016

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Last Modified:08/19/2018
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Streamlines the playblasting process by using a simple GUI to set and store the user's desired playblast settings, plus ability to save playblast with the same name as the scene file, even if you version up/change the filename during your session. Automatically overwrites playblasts with the same name. No temp file buildup.
"Playblast Now" -- by default, will create a playblast with the same name as your file, and save it in the default movies folder wherever your project is set to. If you'd like to change either of those defaults, check the box next to "Custom File Name" or "Custom File Path", then enter your desired file and/or path name, or use the "Browse" buttons.
"Reset/Clear Settings" -- clears the custom file and path data. The settings data appears as a node in your scene called "Playblaster_settings", which can be copied into other files if you want to keep using the same file name or path in other maya scenes.

"Get Hotkey Code" -- displays a bit of MEL code that can be assigned to a hotkey or shelf item. Basically does the same thing as hitting "Playblast Now". Once you assign the MEL code to a hotkey or shelf item, it can be run even with the lhPlayblaster window closed.

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