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JustListSwitch 1.0 for Maya (maya script)

This scripts list up all shading switch...

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Last Modified:05/14/2004
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This scripts list up all shading switch connected to a material.
You can add and remove and tweak inputs of those shading switch.
When you use "Get Files And Connect", you have to name files with obeying to the naming rule of Deep Paint 3D like this: materialName.shapeName.Color(Bump,Glow,Shine,Opacity).tga
For example, file name can be "blinn1.right_hand_1.Color.tga".
---Left-Right file sharing---
If you've connected "blinn1.right_hand_1.Color.tga" file node to right_hand_1 in switch list and added left_hand_1 to the list, you can automatically connect "blinn1.right_hand_1.Color.tga" file node to left_hand_1, too. To use this function, you have to use "_"(underbar) after "right or left. Recommended workflow is that use "Remove all connections from switch" then "add surface" then "Get Files and Connect".

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