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Influence Count Fixer 0.0.1 for Maya (maya script)

Find and fix verts with to many joints influencing them

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Last Modified:09/14/2013
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influence, Rig, maya, unreal, seamus

When you are importing to some game engines, each vert can only have a certain amount of joints influencing that.
Normally you would have to go into the component editor and fix this by hand.

With this script you just punch in the max amount of influences allowed.
Then when you hit the  button that says "Show Over Max Influences" it will color them bright red if they have too many influences.
You can either fix them yourself, or hit the prune weights button at the bottom.

To remove the color on your model just hit the button that says "Remove Color"

Showing the color does not affect your existing textures in any way, just make sure you hit the remove color button before rendering.

to run the script, either in the python tab in the script editor, or in a shelf button use this

import InfluencesChecker

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