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Image Sequence Blendshape Baker 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Bake an animated texture to an object as an image sequence and use this to animate a blendshape.

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  • 2013

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Last Modified:10/20/2013
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Bake an animated, projected or procedural texture to the UV's of an object as an image sequence. Optionally, bake this, or another sequence as a luminance map to animate the strength of a blendshape on an object with the same UV's.


Type Python script "imgSeqBlendshapeBaker()" in commandLine to Run

Image Directory: Select output for where the image sequence will be baked.
File Name: Specify the name of the image sequence
Image Sequence: If not baking an image sequence, select an existing sequence.
NOTE: Image sequence must be named with no padding as follows: sequenceName.#.jpg

Checkboxes: Select whether to Bake Image Sequence, bake to blendshape, or both.
Object: Select object with the UV's the image sequence will be baked to.
Texture: Select a texture which has the attribute outColour that you are baking.
HINT: Select object and texture in viewport and press the "select" button.

Blendshape Object: Select object with the Blendshape applied to it that will be animated according to the luminance of the image sequence.

Frames: Specify the frame range of the animation.
Resolution & Format: Set the resolution of the baked images and the file format.

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