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CameraRig 1.0.0

Camera rig with a mask

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Operating Systems

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Last Modified:06/08/2006
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This is yet another camera rig. It's based on the great rig created by Lionel GALLAT ( It is a basic simple rig but has some nice features like: - slider in the camera view to adjust the transparency of the mask - a shortcut in the createNewCamera Set which after selecting and running the script that is pasted in it's Notes tab will duplicate new camera(s) with correct naming so you will have cameras named Shot01, Shot02... - my previous epCreateCameraMask type of mask has been created for this camera - the mask works on 4:3 (PAL square (768) pixel resolution) and 16:9 as well this can be simply switched by the attribute on it's main control (Pal to Wide). If any problems/question/suggestions email me please.

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