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Chalana 3.5.0

Chalana ASF to MEL converter

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Last Modified:03/14/2011
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Chalana 3.5 is now available for downloading.

For the latest version and documentation visit the project page.

Install the latest .NET framework before installing Chalana from

What is Chalana ?

Chalana is a freeware program which you can use to convert AMC and ASF file to MEL so you can import the motion capture data into Maya.

How does it work ?

Chalana works by using the Biomichanics inc's AMC to MEL and ASF to MOV executables which you can download for free at CMU Graphics Lab motion capture database. Chalana also includes the same programs in the application directory.

With Chalana you can convert the MEL files generated by the above programs in to your Maya projects frame rate and/or grid scale.


For whom ?

Chalana can be used by Anyone who wishes to insert motion capture data to their animation. Especially for game developers and crowd animators.


Who created this ?

Me, my name is Anuradha Jayathilaka and I'm living in Sri Lanka. I'm using Maya for about five years. and been using MEL for several years. One day I found this cool site where you can download motion capture data for free. But while I was using the data I realized that I needed to change the frame rate and so on to suite my needs. So I developed this program. And now I'm sharing it with you.


How do I use it ?

1. Simple !. Open Chalana.


2. You need to have an AMC file and the corresponding ASF file to generate the MEL file. (You can get such files at CMU motion Lab). Click the button next to the AMC file text box. Load you AMC file.


3. If the ASF file was also at the same location it will be automatically loaded. Or else Load the ASF file manually.


4. Click "generate MOV and MEL files" buttons.


5. It will take a few seconds for the MEL file generation to complete.

6. After the MEL script has been loaded select the Measure unit and frame unit from the combo boxes to the right and click convert and send to Maya. This step will convert the MEL file and send it to Maya so you can execute it from the shelf.


7. If you have Maya opened, from the shelf look for the Chalana tab and click load skeleton button. (These procedures require you to install the shelf for Maya).


8. Now you can bind the skeleton or do anything you want. If you're ready to import the animation click the Create Keys button next.

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