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Last Modified:08/09/2008
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With the Komadu MEL assistant for Maya, you can edit MEL scripts and export them in to Maya. With the Komadu shelf in Maya you can execute the script.

Tutorial 1 - Hello World

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a project in Komadu and run the project script thru Maya.

    1    We will start by creating a project. Start Komadu. On the file menu select New project.

          Komadu will ask you where you want to save the project.

    2    Type in the name and select a location save the project. Type "helloWorld" and click save.

          Next in the create new procedure window you can type the name of the startup procedure.
          Komadu automatically sets the project name as the startup procedure name.
          However the two names can be different.

    3    For the purpose of this tutorial we will leave the startup name as is. Click the create button.

          Now the project nodes view should show the new procedure as in the following picture.


          Now for the coding.

    4    Double click the "helloWorld.proc" node in the project nodes view. This will open the node.

    5    Type the following line of code between the two curly brackets.

             print "Hello World";

          This command will print the text "Hello World" in the Maya feedback line.

          Now to test the script.

    6    Press the F5 key on your keyboard. This will save the project and export it to Maya.

    7    After the deploy window is closed, press F6. This will launch Maya.


    8    In the Maya window make sure the shelf is visible.
          (you may make the shelf visible by selecting Display > UI elements > Shelf).

    9    in the Komadu tab of the shelf click the execute komadu project button


    10  You should see the result on the Maya feedback line.

If the shelf is not visible you may also execute the script by typing

            source Komadu;

and pressing enter.

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