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Fog and GDI
Fog and GDI
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13. Once ya find a setting ya like,switchto black and fill the canvas,switchto white and center your head in the canvas (or wherever ya like). Then go tolayerand click theDup buttonthenturn off the newlayer. We are doing this so we have a saved layer of our head alpha in case we mess up or want to experiment some more.

14. You might want to at this pointsave your documentin case you get called away, run out of time or get lost this way you can reload this document and continue on where ya left off.Document>Save As.

15. Make surethe bottom black layer isvisible and the original head layer is the one selected.

16. From thelight menuload my lights.

17. From thematerial menuload my material.

18. Yeah yeah....when do we get to the good stuff nuts? Eh? This is taking forever already geez.

19. Ok, let's take a look at the render palette. You will see that there is a fog button just under the fast render button. We will need this to be turned on. Now a bit further down you will see a.Fog on that. This gives us the Fog settings menu. We are going to leave things at the default settings for the moment however we are going to change one little thing......

20. If you hover your cursor under thedepth1 settingyou will see a blank white color box and a blank grey one. Click on the grey one....this brings up thetexture menu. Select the Zbrush includedSpectrum texture. Click onbest render in the render paletteto see what happens.

21. You should see a pic similar to this:

22. now return to that menu and click the grey box under thedepth2box. The same texure menu appears but this time we want to choose theReflect 4 texture. clickpreview then best renderto see the effects.

23. At this point you might want to play with thedepth2 settings, heck even thedepth1 settingsand of course theintensity settings. You can also play with anytexture combosya wantas well. My settings for this tutorial pic were:

24. ok turnfog off in the render palette.

25. let's go investigate theGDI settingsin thelight menu.

26. If you are using my light and material then the first thing we need to do isturn Ambient to 0and theintensity down to about .45.

27. Next click on the big sphere just above where it saysGdi. This will bring up thetexture menu. Load thetut_water01 texturewe loaded earlier. Now turn theGdi slider to 100andclick the Best renderbutton to get the full effect. Pretty cool eh? You canexperiment with various textureshere if ya want.Try the fire oneI included.Note: for those of you into skin textures....this is a cool way to add color to your best render baking....and overall enhance the lighting of skins. or well anything. This a hugely unexplored area that I have been playing with for awhile but in bits and pieces and usually forget the cool stuff I have discovered and have to start over....hence the reason for this tutorial....dohhhhhh.

28. now it's time to combine our new found friends.Turn fog back on and Best Render.

29. Pretty cool eh?

Experimenting now is up to you. There are soooooo many options available with these settings that I couldn't begin to cover a tenth of them in tutorials. Have fun with it and please post your results in the original thread, and share settings, or cool texture/lighting combos if you are of a mind to.

An example of what you can do:

click for larger version


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