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FX Edit 1.1 for Xsi (xsi script)

Edit in FX tree and animation mixer like Adobe...

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Last Modified:10/22/2002
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Edit in FX tree and animation mixer like Adobe Premiere...

Associates clips position with an input file in FX tree so you can edit like in Premiere or OK an Avid ;)

In notepad edit file x:SoftimageXSI_2.xApplicationspdlC3DFxFileInputOp.spdl
Make a back up of C3DFxFileInputOp.spdl and in original
Midway down under Parameter SourceOffset, change the line:
Caps = Persistable; to Caps = Persistable, Animatable;
Warning this parameter was not enabled by soft originally
Use at your own risk
Select FXOP node of File Input in explorer,then ctrl or shift select add to selection a clip in Animation Mixer.
Run FXOPEqualClip.
This script makes an expression of File Input start offset = clip start offset - File Input start
Now when you move this clip in time the file input is also moved in time

A good setup is too make an Action Clip of an FXOP OVER opacity keyed at 0,then another keyed at 1
Then select file input FXOP in 1st input of OVER and opacity 0 clip and run FXOPEqualClip
Then select file input FXOP in 2nd input of OVER and opacity 1 clip and run FXOPEqualClip
Animate weigths or add a mix transition between the the two opacity clips, for an editable dissolve
Collapse Mixer view to speed playback

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