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paramText 1.0 for Xsi (xsi script)

ABSTRACT: text changes on frame change to...

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Last Modified:12/31/2002
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ABSTRACT: text changes on frame change to chosen parameter value...

text changes on frame change to chosen parameter value

Useful for evaluating scripts or expressions effect on paramters in render or render and use for motion graphics.

You can use "Animate>Parameter>New DisplayInfo from Marked Parameters" to show parameters over viewer or if you'd like the values in the scene, perhaps to convert the text and render, use this script. Those dispay Info Params can be marked and used too.

select object or custom property set and mark a parameter of it
run script paramText
To stop On-Frame-Change Script. Run stopFScript
To start On-Frame-Change Script. Run startFScript
To clear On-Frame-Change Script playbackS.vbs. Run clearFScript or if playbackS.vbs does not exist in usr/addon/data/scripts
folder then clearFScript will make it too.

playbackS.vbs is required for paramtext to work

You may also get errors if running paramtext on the same param again and have not deleted the previous text object for it so you will have to run clearFScript and start from scratch or edit the playbackS.vbs file"

If you want to render the text use: create>poly.mesh>curves to mesh

NOTES: an error is usually that marked param was not set, or playabckS.vbs is not setup right, run clearFscript to start over.

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