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H_VRay_Tools 0.1.0 for Nuke

Allows a VRay passes reconstruction in Nuke for CC

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Last Modified:04/22/2008
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Updated version of these gizmo now available to download in these link:


These is a set of 2 gizmos that allow you to re-construct a VRay render made out of 3ds Max Studio 9 and VRay 1.5SP1.

They are called :



They allow you to mix in and out passes, color correct them individually or in total and to apply a glow effect to all the individual passes.

Currently I made it with 7 passes, later on I will make a full Gizmo with more passes.

You will need VRay 1.5SP1 or later since you need the new "TotalLight" pass (The TotalLight pass is nothing more then the GI Plus the Light passes.)

The passes needed for these gizmo to work are:

- TotalLight

- Refraction

- Reflection

- SelfIllumination

- Caustics

- Specular

and, of course the Final render or full render pass.

You can use the Render Elements option in Max and then you should use the "H_VRay_Elem7Pass" gizmo or you can make a single EXR with all passes in one file, for these option you can use the "H_VRay_Vrimg7Pass" gizmo.

In the case of the "render elements" option, just start by connecting the individual 7 passes plus the Full render to the respective inputs of the Node.

There is a discussion about these gizmo going on here:

Please contribute with any coments, right now I am remaking these Gizmo to have a Full CC operator for all passes individual, a 10 passes option and also I am making a MAX Mental Ray and a Lightwave version of the same gizmo.


VRay Mixer Tab: Use it to change the amount or mix of all the passes, you can also multiply them here.

VRay CC and FX Tab: Use it to CC and make Glow FX to any pass you want, also use the "Output Preview" pulldown menu to preview a specific pass to CC.

Master CC and Master CC Ranges Tabs: These is just a normal CC operator applying the entire comp, so you can use it to make a final CC adjustment to the entire render.


To install both Gizmos just move them to the "plugins" folder of your Nuke directory, or move it in the "user" folder inside that "plugins" folder.

For nuke 5.0v1 and beyond:

To have a link to the plugin in the menus just make your own "" file in the "user" folder inside the "plugins" folder. 

Add the following lines:'Nuke')


n.addCommand('VRay_Tools/From Vrimg image file/H_VRay_Vrimg7Pass', "nuke.createNode('H_VRay_Vrimg7Pass')")
n.addCommand('VRay_Tools/From Render Elements/H_VRay_Elem7Pass', "nuke.createNode('H_VRay_Elem7Pass')")

For nuke 4.8v1 and below:

To have a link to the plugin in the menus just make your own "menu.tcl" file in the "user" folder inside the "plugins" folder. 

Add the following lines:

menu "User/VRay_Tools/From Vrimg image file/H_VRay_Vrimg7Pass" H_VRay_Vrimg7Pass
menu "User/VRay_Tools/From Elements image file/H_VRay_Elem7Pass" H_VRay_Elem7Pass

Any questions just send an email.


Any coments:

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