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H_ZFaker 0.2.0 for Nuke

makes a fake DOP from gradients

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Last Modified:03/16/2008
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Updated version 0.2.0.


- Works in Nuke 5.0v1 now
- Minor bugs fixed, making it faster
- Added "Show" button to make it possible to see and edit the original node tree from the gizmo.



Blurs image with a fake Zdepth. Great to simulate a very short depth of field in regular footage.


it takes an image and blurs the image based on values in the custom Zmattes.  it can be used to simulate fake depth of fields.

similar to T_BlurMasked from Furnace.


You have a choice of using 4 diferent fake ZDepths:


- "your_Z" - Uses any image as a source of the blur (just pipe an image in "your_Z" input)

- ZRadial - Uses a radial gradient to control the bluring. It blurs from the center to the edges.

- ZHorizont - Uses a gradient to control a fake horizont blur, bluring from the ground to the sky, good for horizontal landscapes.

- ZHorizontDuo - Same as ZHorizont but it blurs from the center to both up and down.

- ZVertical - Uses a vertical radial to blur from the center to the sides in a vertical fashion.


You can then control the ZDepth grading by clicking in the "preview of ZDepth"


You can also use the "center of blur" to control the center of the blur or link tracking info into the transform of the blur. (Be advice that there is a bug in the transform of the center, it is give x:0 and y:0 in the center, so you need to displace the tracking data to use that center. I will fix these in version 0.2)


Use the "ZBlur control" to adjust your blur in size, filter shape and focus plane (use the "preview of focal plane" to "see" the focal point)

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