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H_Streaks 0.2.0 for Nuke

Like Offset in PS CS3, but with extra FX

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Last Modified:03/16/2008
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Updated version 0.2.0.


- Works in Nuke 5.0v1 now
- Minor bugs fixed, making it faster
- Added "Show" button to make it possible to see and edit the original node tree from the gizmo.



Repeats last pixels until the edge of the picture. With optional blur, CC, softness and mosaic controls to the Streaks.


-Use the "box" to animate or position your "streaks"
- Use the "softness of the box" to make a soft edge to the box
-Optional blur and mosaic effect to apply to the streak only or to the entire image.
-In the "Streak CC" tab you can color correct the streak only.
-In the "Streak Grain" you can apply Grain to the Streak only to mach grain from the footage that is "un-streaked".
- In the "Streak masking controls" you can select a mask and also you can output the mask of the Streak box to use later for treatment to only the "un-streaked" area.

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