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dreamLipSync - Talk To Me
dreamLipSync - Talk To Me
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Second you have to set up the shapes for the the five key-words position I decided to create (if you want you can edit the mel file look for the "swicth" steatment and modify the "case" steatments to add your own shapes.)

Note: you can change each single shape anytime, just create a new shape and press the corrispondent button.

Note: the shape has been created form italian language, so sometimes could look wrog in other languages. I�m sorry I�m italian.

Modify the shape and press the corrispondent button, repeat this step for each button.

Third and last, type your string in the text field following the two simples rules:

1. Use the "_" symbol as close mouth symbol or as pause symbol.
2. Always leave empty spaces between the letter, also before and after the "_" symbol.

es: "ciao bella", one of the most famous italian phrase, becomes "_ c i a o b e l l a _"

I suggest you to start and finish your phrases with thw "_".

Now press OK. The tool will set for you the keys for your letters at the current time. By default it sets a key every three frames, but you can modify it by editing the mel file and looking for the string "$t +2"; take the "2" and modify it.

YES !!! it sets keyframes, so you can make your own variations upon the animation curves.

DANGER: when you close the dreamLipSync window you loose all the shapes of your mouth and you will have to restart all your work if you want to modify it using the dreamTalk interface. In any case a "h�are you sure window" will appare before delete all.

For a quick reference press the "help" button.

Thanks for your attention, enjoy with this script and please contact me for grammar horrors (sorry for my english).

please feel free to contact me for any suggestion, bug report or other information.
If you will use for any kind of production or you think to have created a nice character, please contact me.


Federico "doc" Cascinelli