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Unreal Tournament Skinning
Unreal Tournament Skinning
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What you need:
1. Unreal Tournament + latest patches
2. UED (UnrealTournament/system/UnrealED.exe)
3. Photoshop and preferably Painter3D or something like it
4. A texteditor
5. Patience
6. A p3d object model with texture tif for Painter3D (download here tiff )

Also read "Unreal Model Importing: The 3ds2unr Converter" Tutorial

The tutorial (in short):
1. Open .p3d'en in Painter (if you've got it). - If you havn't got Painter3D use Phototshop or DP or somesuch
2. Play,paint and experiment.
3. When you're satified with you skin, save it.
4. Your .tif file should have a size of 1024x1024. Skale it down to 512x512.
5. cut the .tif into 4 pieces, each measuring 256x256 as shown below. Name the pieces as shown on the pictures and save them in .pcx format (8-bit RGB).

5a. IMPORTANT: for some obscure reason UT uses DPI to set PX count so you have to create the 256x256 using 256 DPI likewise the 64x64 pieces
you'll create later will have to have a DPI count of 64.

6. These pictures are the basics of your skin, find suitable name for your final skin and rename your files like this:

[name]1.pcx ( = Chest and back)
[name]2.pcx ( = legs and boots )
[name]3.pcx ( = arms and shoulders )
[name]4.pcx ( = face,hair,neck,headset,hands and bottom of boots)

OBS.: [name] must be at least 4 letters long.

7. Your skin has to function when you're playing multiplayer (whether you like it or not).
Therefore you need 4 more pictures with reference in [name]1.pcx and [name]2.pcx.
(if you have no wish to create different textures for teambased playing, you can just copy the original fiels and rename them)
The files must be renamed like this:

[name]1t_0.pcx ( = red teams chest and back)
[name]1t_1.pcx ( = blue teams chest and back)
[name]1t_2.pcx ( = green teams chest and back)
[name]1t_3.pcx ( = yello teams chest and back)

[name]2t_0.pcx ( = red teams legs and boots)
[name]2t_1.pcx ( = blue teams legs and boots)
[name]2t_2.pcx ( = green teams legs and boots)
[name]2t_3.pcx ( = yellow teams legs and boots)

8. No to the facelift.
Your skin can have as many faces as you like.
These are based on [name]4.pcx
You only have to add a name,that'll show up in you UT player setup
Name as shown.


OBS: you have to have at least 1 face available.

9. To end it all you have to draw/steal/create a 64x64 pixels picture attached to each face,
this is the picture that's used in the HUD (shown with taunts such as "MY HOUSE").
obs: Remeber the DPI count of 64 (se above).

name it [name]5[face_name].pcx

10. You should now have all the pictures required to create a proper skin.
Here's a list of what you should have.



11. Close all you pixelpushing editor stuff.... Open UED (see what you need)
12. Check that you're in Textures mode (little dropdown in the UED browser part - presumably in the right side)
13. Chose "Import" in the bottom of the UED Browser (if you think you need it you can turn on "Blur Texture" but if your skin is crisp allready leave it be)
14. Find you pictures and choose all of them except the HUD pictures(s) ( [name]5[face_name].pcx )
15. Name you package test or something as meaningless . Just don't name it anything longer then 15 characters - (we'll rename it later)
16. Enable "Generate Mipmaps" and pres OK.
17. Chose "Import" again and choose your HUD picture(s), this time disable Midmaps. Pres ok.
17a. Right click on all of your textures, choose properties.
17b. Under Textures, choose detailtexture and click on "use" (now the reference for high skintextures is itself).
17c. Choose quality and set the 2 first properties (bhigh_something) to true and the last to LODSET_skin.
17d. You'll need to do this to all you texture pieces.
18. "Save" your package.
19. Copy your package to UnrealTournament/textures and rename it to: Soldierskins_[something].utx - Whatch yourself here and try not to overwrite Soldierskins.utx which contains UT's standard soldier skins.
20. PHEEEEEEW!!!! - Last step:

Now we have to create a .int file to tell UT whats in your package, it's actually quite simple so I'll just show you an example here (this is where you'll need your trusty text editor)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------(-don't include this line)


Object=(Name=[your_package_name].[name]1,Class=Texture,Description="[dit skins name i UT menuen]")
Object=(Name=[your_package_name].[name]4[face_name],Class=Texture,Description="[your face name in the description under player setup]")
Object=(Name=[your_package_name].[name]4[face_name],Class=Texture,Description="[your face name in the description under player setup]")

-------------------------------------------------------------------------(-don't include this line)

save your file as Soldierskins_[something].int in UnrealTournament/system/
where something = what you called you soldierskins_[something].utx

You should now be able to use your skin.