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Texture Map NURBS Dragon
Texture Map NURBS Dragon
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In this section, I would like to use Deep Paint 3D to help me to indicate the location of UV on the NURBS surfaces. But 3D Paint package only recognizes polygons with UV. So, we need to convert NURBS to polygon, then export the polygons to 3D paint program. First, I will create bump map in 3D-paint program, and then I will use PhotoShop to define the bump map. Let start now,

1.Rename all the surfaces you had created, you can do this in the modeling stage.
Select a surface, in the Channels window, key in a proper name for your surface.

2.After renamed all the surfaces; I will apply a material for the surfaces.In this case, I would like to use Blinn for the skin as Blinn has the Softest specular highlight among the rest.

Open up the Hypershade window, from the visor window's material folder, MMB drag the Blinn to the working space.

(Figure 38)

Shift select the surfaces that u wish to assign to Blinn material, then point your mouse to Blinn in working space, Left click on Blinn (don't let go, a menu will pop- up, select Assign Material to Selected. (Figure 39)

click for larger version

(Figure 39)

3. Toggle to Rendering mode; create a Direction Light from light panel. Place it to light up your model. Save your work.

4.1 Now, we going to convert NURBS to polygons for Deep Paint 3D.I will going to do it part by part. First, I will do for left side head. Select the left side head, toggle to Modeling mode, go to Display->NURBS components->Normal (shaded mode) to check the Surface Normal is pointing out. Go to your perspective window, in the Shading panel->smooth Shade Selected Item to view the result. If the "hair" pointing in, go to Edit Surface panel->Reverse Surface Direction. This is to make sure that the polygon��s surface normal point to the correct direction (Figure 40)

(Figure 40)

4.2 While the surface still selected, go to Polygons panel->NURBS to Polygon options. Set number U & V to 24. Click Tessellate. Move up the polygons, Now you will have the polygons Left Head and NURBS Left Head still remain. (Figure 41)

(Figure 41)

4.3 Go to your Window panel -> General editor ->Plug-in Manager, select obj. Export.mll to loaded and auto load. Now, have your Lt_Head selected polygon, go to File->Export Selection's options, pick the file type as OBJexport, then save it to obj directory under your project directory or any directory that you like.