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The Cornell Box Simulation: Raiders of the Last Node
The Cornell Box Simulation: Raiders of the Last Node
sdb1987, added 2005-09-13 12:06:35 UTC 61,182 views  Rating:
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Ok! Recently I bought the Advanced Shading Network Training video Tape from AW

This tape hosted by Tom Kluyskens Talk about some advanced shading network and Hidden nodes like distanceBetween or closestPointOnSurface etc...

and showed several way to use'em

Looking this cool tape an idea comes to me.

I will try to simulate the cornell Box with Maya.

Let's begin !.

1 - First we setup a simple scene. A box and a sphere and a cylinder click here to download the Tut scene (better). I placed some lights (three actually) and that's it.

2 - Let see what we got Launch a render of the scene.

Below you see what I get with my setting. I used Aera Light because it is the best light to get good Radiosity effect.

3 - It looks good but there is a lack of bounce light. The effect we want is shown in the below image

For that we gonna use a node called distanceBetween. This is not a node you'll find in the Create Render Node window. You need to create it via the commande line or in the script editor.

Here is the corect syntax:

createNode distanceBetween

4 - There is several ways to select the

DistanceBetween node, but the one I prefere is to use the OutLiner.

By default you don't see it, you need to unhide it .

In the Outliner right-click and uncheck Show Dag Objects. Scroll down and you'll see the distanceBetween node.