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Process for Modeling a (poly) Sub Division Head
Process for Modeling a (poly) Sub Division Head
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This �tutorial� is for Maya version 3. It will work with Base, Complete, or Unlimited. This tutorial is aimed at the intermediate user who is familiar with Maya, and has a basic understanding with Subdivision surfaces.

NOTE!!!! This �tutorial� is not conclusive. It is designed to demonstrate a workflow, and will not teach you proportion or how to creatively use the tools mentioned. This tutorial will also not teach the user about muscles of the face or aesthetics. I leave those responsibilities up to the user. In this tutorial, also note that I �block in� everything I do. I make modifications after I have the basic structure in place. This tutorial is designed to show the viewer how to go from point A (a blank screen) to point B (having a 3d model of a head) Another thing to note, is that this tutorial can be used for a plain old polygon head, or for a subdivided head.

Step 1: The sphere.

If we had to break the head down into primitive shapes, the cranium would take on the shape of a sphere with a cylinder attached to the front for the face. For modeling purposes, we can modify the shape of the sphere to achieve different planes of the head. So Create>PolygonsPrimitive>Sphere [option] The settings should be:

Subdivisons around axis 11 and Subdivisions along height 10. Make the Axis Y

Step 2: Eyes and nose.

Here we�ll use push and pull vertices to make room for eye sockets. Another tool that will allow us to modify the mesh is Edit Polygons>Split Polygon Tool. Also used is Edit Polygons>Extrude Face. For more information on these tools see Maya Help, or another tutorial located here:

Step 3: Lips and chin

Use the Edit Polygons>Split Polygon Tool to cut out and modify a generic pair of lips and block in a chin. Remember, at this point we are just getting the basic structures of the head in place. You can use a reference if you want for a basic guide.

Step 4: Shaping the head

Push and pull verts to achieve the basic shape of the head you want.

Step 5: The nose, defined

With the basic building blocks in place, we can start to focus on the next level of detail. Use the aforementioned tools to add nostrils and more shape to the nose.