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Using Nuke 6 X 3d tracking data inside of Maya
Using Nuke 6 X 3d tracking data inside of Maya
debug_dom, added 2010-01-27 21:30:45 UTC 30,577 views  Rating:
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To import .chan into Maya you will need this file:


  • emad rashad

    emad rashad said over 7 years ago:

    thank you very much .. very helpful tutorial
  • 3dmatrosken

    3dmatrosken said over 6 years ago:

    my locator shapes dont work properly. Their movement is not coorect. What can be wrong? locators do not exactly follow the tiff sequence in maya
  • farshid.comp

    farshid.comp said about 6 years ago:

    hi my nuke camera locator also dont work , just like 3dmatrosken . what can i do inside of maya? i dont know this problem issued from nuke or maya or...? pls leave me a comment as possible dears
  • sujan manandhar

    sujan manandhar said almost 6 years ago:

    is this pluge-in support in maya 2011? and i wanna say thank for this tutorial. i been searching for this long time ago.. 2-3 month.. thank you...!
  • adrien serir

    adrien serir said over 5 years ago:

    hello i have a writegeo doesn't work on my cameratrackerpointcloud..i can't write .obj.. the error message is: WriteGeo1 cannot be executed for multiple frames. while executing "python nukescripts.execute_panel("$list")" (procedure "execute panel_"line 2) invoked from within "execute_panel this"
  • MayaGuy224098

    MayaGuy224098 said over 5 years ago:

    Hey adrien serir, I had the same error. The solution is to add frame padding to your export path. If you are naming your file pointCloud.obj Name it pointCloud.####.obj or whatever the amount of frame padding you need.
  • oliver farmer

    oliver farmer said over 4 years ago:

    thankyou MayaGuy224098!!
  • salik89

    salik89 said over 3 years ago:

    Just wondering, can someone tell me the contents in the object file that you have exported? Maybe the first 5 lines? Anyone?

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