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ys_MRProxyGenerator 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

An easy way to generate mentalRay proxy files.

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Last Modified:08/02/2012
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This script gives you an easy way to generate mentalRay proxy files: "mipBinaryProxy" or "assemblyProxy".

Unlike traditional mentalRay's assemblyProxy file, mipBinaryProxy provides a very fast way to load goemetry on demand, and gives you a batter performance to render large scenes.

Put "ys_MRProxyGenerator.mel" in your default Maya script folder. Restart Maya, and type:
in your script editor then press Enter.

[How to use]:
  Step1. Decide what proxy type is you want.(mipProxy or assemblyProxy?)
  step2. Select your original hi poly mesh then press "getSourceMesh" button.
  Step3. Choose what target proxy type you want. By default there are four basic type and one custom choice. If you choose cusom type, select your own proxy mesh first then press "getProxyMesh" button.
  Step.4 Set your proxy file name and path.
  Step5. Create!
  When you press "Create!" button, it will automatically hide your source mesh and open your render view. It is helpful for you to check your proxy result.

*This script just for polygon only.
*You can combine multiple objets to become your source mesh, but it recommand that "DON'T DO IT" when you are using mipBinaryProxy.
*It recommand that put your source mesh in the default position(0,0,0) and freeze it transformations.
*When you are using mipBinaryProxy, make sure your source mesh is above your proxy mesh in the outliner window, and make sure it is visible.(This is not my script limitation, this is mipBinaryProxy's rule.)

Yin Shiuan

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