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ys_misssFastSkinPassGenerator 0.3.0 for Maya (maya script)

An easy way to generate a shading network for output "misss_fast_skin_maya" shader passes.

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Last Modified:08/02/2012
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The original concept is from this old thread.

This script gives you an easy way to generate a shading network for output render passes when your are using "misss_fast_skin_maya" shader.

Put "ys_misssFastSkinPassGenerator.mel" in your default Maya script folder. Restart Maya, and type:
in your script editor then press Enter.

[How to use]:
Just select single/multiple objects that you want to output render pass, decide what pass type you want to output, than press create button. This script will automatically build a shading network and assign to your selected object(s). When you are rendering your objects, the render pass will automatically create. You can load your render pass in your render view.

*Set up in "masterSSS" shader. "masterSSS" is your working shader!
*Remember to add your lights to the SSS render layer, otherwise you will get a black result when you are rending.
*By default, SSSTexture is save in your "C:\". If you want to change it, type new path by manually.
*Support multiple objects.

v.0.3: batch render bug fixed.

Yin Shiuan

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