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V-Ray for Maya NURBs control 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

very simple script to hook up editable, visible (in the spreadsheet & channel box) attributes to the v-ray attributes created on NURBs surfaces.

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Last Modified:09/17/2010
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vray, rendering, maya, vr

I suck at scripting, but I thought I'd upload this for people who are lazy as me.

When you are rendering NURBs surfaces in V-Ray for Maya, you can create custom NURBs controls on the shape nodes of your objects (attributes->v-ray->NURBs attributes).  These attributes are similar to the Approximation Editor in Mental Ray, insofar as they let you change the quality / tesselation of your surface at render time on a per-surface basis.

Unfortunately, while these custom attributes are queryable, keyable, and behave as normal in the AE and with MEL, and appear to be normal Maya attributes, there is a catch:  They are not visible in the channel box or attribute spread sheet, and I haven't found a way to make them so (I think this might be because they are created via a C++ command from the V-ray plug-in, but it's all Greek to me).  For the record, if anyone finds a way to make them visible in any part of the UI besides the AE, please let me know so I can delete this post and do things the right way.

In the meantime, I wrote this script to assign and control these custom V-Ray NURBs attributes on multiple objects at once.  It's a time saver for working with V-Ray on multiple NURBs objects (ie imported CAD files, industrial design stuff, cell phones, etc).

What this little piece o' magic does:

1-Creates the custom V-Ray attributes on any selected nodes if you haven't already created them via the plugin (attributes->v-ray->NURBs attributes)
2-Creates visible (in channel box, attribute spreadsheet, etc) attributes of the same type, and hooks them up to the V-Ray attributes.
3-Sets the visible attributes to V-Ray's default values (only if there were no connections to begin with, so as to prevent overwriting whatever adjustments you might have made in a previous usage of the script.  If you disconnect these attributes on any of the nodes and run the script again, it will reconnect and re-set them to the default values.  Comment out the "setAttr" part of the script to avoid this).

//V-Ray for Maya NURBs control 1.0
//Matthew Foglia
//To use:
//Select your objects from the viewport, press down to select the

//shape nodes (or add it into the string declaration in the script), and run:

//or source "MFVRayNurbs1.0.mel"


//The author is not liable for blowing up your computer or any incidental catasrophies from using this script.


string $surfaces[]=`ls -sl`;

string $surface;

for ($surface in $surfaces)

if( !attributeExists( "vrayAsStaticGeom", $surface ) )
vrayAddAttr $surface vrayAsStaticGeom;

if( !attributeExists( "vrayFlatnessCoef", $surface ) )
vrayAddAttr $surface vrayFlatnessCoef;

if( !attributeExists( "vrayMaxSubdivDepth", $surface ) )
vrayAddAttr $surface vrayMaxSubdivDepth;

if( !attributeExists( "MFVR_STATIC", $surface ) )
addAttr -at long -k 1 -h 0 -r 1 -w 1 -longName MFVR_STATIC $surface;

if( !attributeExists( "MFVR_CRVPRECISION", $surface ) )
addAttr -at "float" -k 1 -h 0 -r 1 -w 1 -longName MFVR_CRVPRECISION $surface;

if( !attributeExists( "MFVR_SUBDIVDEPTH", $surface ) )
addAttr -at long -k 1 -h 0 -r 1 -w 1 -longName MFVR_SUBDIVDEPTH $surface;

if( !`isConnected ($surface+".MFVR_STATIC") ($surface+".vrayAsStaticGeom")`)
connectAttr ($surface+".MFVR_STATIC") ($surface+".vrayAsStaticGeom");
setAttr ($surface+".MFVR_STATIC") 1; //V-Ray's default value for this is 1
if( !`isConnected ($surface+".MFVR_CRVPRECISION") ($surface+".vrayFlatnessCoef")`)
connectAttr ($surface+".MFVR_CRVPRECISION") ($surface+".vrayFlatnessCoef");
setAttr ($surface+".MFVR_CRVPRECISION") 0.2; //V-Ray's default value for this is .2
if( !`isConnected ($surface+".MFVR_SUBDIVDEPTH") ($surface+".vrayMaxSubdivDepth")`)
connectAttr ($surface+".MFVR_SUBDIVDEPTH") ($surface+".vrayMaxSubdivDepth");
setAttr ($surface+".MFVR_SUBDIVDEPTH") 22; //V-Ray's default value for this is 22

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