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PKD Rig System 2.3.0 for Maya (maya script)

A Complete Body and Face Rigging Solution

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  • 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2009

Operating Systems

  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows


Last Modified:06/07/2015
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Rigging, face, autorig

Version History

Version 2.3
-Improvement: Updated for 2014/2015 due to popular demand. Currently developing a set of pipeline tools in which PKD Rig will be open source
-New Feature: You can now save,delete and delete rig/face face template (2014/2015 only for now)
-New Feature: Control shape information can now be saved out (2014/2015 only for now)

Version 2.1.0
29 July 2012
-Bugfix: Fixed erroring of script incase user does not tells which geometry should the facial controls attach to.

Version 2.1.0
06 June 2012
-New Feature: Disable Joint Scaling on Skin Joint. Useful for game rigs. Options>Skin Joints>Allow Scaling
-New Feature: Check that "Master Control" name for finger/vision type of bodyparts does not conflict with existing bodypart.
-New Feature: Display Local Axis during "Joint Preview" mode
-Improvement: Locator scale now remembered when going back and forth from Joint Preview
-Improvement: Preset imports now working in OSX and linux

Version 2.0.3
20 May 2012

-Improvement: IK Control Orientation on Divine Spine
-Addition: Control Direction of Spread for fingers

Version 2.0.2
18 May 2012

-BugFix: Right IK palm rotating incorrectly when the spine was overextending
-BugFix: Ik/Fk matching on the Limbs
-BugFix: Some groups were being left outside the heirachy in the face rig setup

Version 2.0.1
15 May 2012

-Fixed the problem where it was giving the incorrect path of presets templetes and hence it was erroring out. Including one of the source files fixes the issue.

Version 2.0
14 May 2012

-Overhauled the Face Rig System. The new system is very automated and involves very steps required by the user such as painting weighting maps and do simple orient constraint to finish it off. New features include 
    Sticky Face Controls. Controls follow geometry deformation(skin, blendshape, etc), which gives a feeling of sculpting the face. 
    Introduced softmods as deformer option which has optimised settings
    Wire deformer has twist and falloff attributes to gain better control over the deformation
-Awesome and Divine IK Spines now has new subControls which works as a additional layer of control on top shape of the spine created by the primary IK controls. Gives you finer control over the spine/tail
-Dynamic tail/spine are now "bakeable" and editable.
-Control the elasticity of the squash and stretch. Each joint now have their own elasticity
-Squash effect can be turned off if needed for cartoony setup, in case stretch is required for example when cheating the length of the limb on a shot bases
-IK/Fk Switch and Space Switches have options of changing the evaluation type which should help out with flipping issues associated with parent and orient constraints in Maya
-Updated for Maya 2012 and 2013
-Presets accessible via GUI for quick start for common rigs
-New Bendy tool which does most of the hardwork for your bendy limbs. Just paint the weights out

Version 1.2

-Changed hotkey for right click menu to simple Alt+"x"+RightClick. This can be changed to your custom hotkey in the hotkey editor, however the new hotkey must include the "Alt" key as one of the combination. You can find the hotkey under "User Marking Menu" in your hotkey editor. To remap the hotkey combination, simple type in installPKD in the command line
-Added option of "Select All Control" in the right click menu, in addition to existing "Select Body Part Controls"
-Minor improvement on rig hierarchy

Version 1.1
-Fixed General error with first joint of spine and it's relation with it's descendents
-Fixed Divine Spine issues.
-Fixed major bug on the finger body type during rig construction
-Made the script compatible with Maya 2011. Although the UI is not aestheticallypleasing, it is functional. Maya 2011 introduced a lot of UI changes, so would research later on how to make it look better.