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Messenger Chat - Remote Control the maya 2.1.0 for Maya (maya script)

Messenger Chat / Control th Maya from Remote place

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  • 2008, 8.x

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  • Windows


Last Modified:06/22/2008
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Filename : Message_v2.mel

Created on : 20-06-2008 11:18:54 PM

Created by : L.Kumaresan ( India )


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-- Sorry folks, on mi last post.. i missed some files.. Now i included them. Its working fine.
thanks to Nicola Danese for reporting the problem! ---

This script is to send and receive message from one maya to other maya across the Network.
You can share text message just like chatting with the help of MAYA. No need to install any plugins.
Just MAYA 8.5 and above its enough...
Through maya's new python lib and maya's commandPort, Its easy to communicate across various maya.

Not only that...
You can control your partners maya from remote place... Create objects, Delete objects, Control the Rigs,
Open a file in network and make it to render. almost all maya commands can be executed from your remote place.
If you are a rigger, this may helps you in troubleshooting some minor problems.

You can even shutdown your partners machine through this tool.

All you have to do is... drop these scripts into your partners machine's maya script folder. (you too have a copy to your script folder)
And now. from your place, Use your partners IP Address and chat with him and take control of his maya.

Above all
This one DOES NOT USE NET SEND Command to chat!

Features -

-Send/Receive message from one maya to other maya.
-Control the maya from the remote place using another maya.
-Chat with your friends and colleagues easily with this personalized tool through Internet(like one on one dedicated chat program).
-Send Simple Maya Commands and control the remote maya.
-Send System Commands like Shutdown through maya.
-All controls are through local LAN or across the globe using Internet IP - Just TCP/IP Protocol.
-No Installation of special files needed. (Except these scripts).

How to Use -

Prior Setup -

Put the `ChatPortOpener.mel`, `Message_v2.mel` and `userSetup.mel` in your default script folder...
eg: C:Documents and SettingsKumaresanMy Documentsmaya8.5scripts

Like this ...
In Remote machine also put the `ChatPortOpener.mel`, `Message_v2.mel` and `userSetup.mel` in its default script folder...

Operation -

1. start your maya...
2. Use the word
to start the Messaging Program.
3. In the UI, Type the remote system's IP address and click connect button.
4. wait for few secs...
Script will connect to remote system and search for all opened maya sessions which is ready for communication.
If more then one maya is ready for communication in remote system, Then you will be provided with more then one
MAYA button.
5. Click the appropriate MAYA button and This will establish a connection with remote system's maya.
and now you are ready to communicate.
6. Type your TEXT and Click Send. Thats It!
(This will automatically invoke the messaging program in remote system and establishes connection with your system)

More Infos -

.You can Share Normal Text message easily as it is.
.While using special characters. Use Double escape operator.
(Check the comments inside the script for more examples)



-This will shutdown the remote computer, displaying shutdown warning message for 100 secs!


-This will execute the given maya command in the remote computer and also in your computer;

COM:file -f -ignoreVersion -o "Z:/MayaPro/scenes/IKFK.mb"

.If any of your friend's use static IP, Use Bookmark menu and Bookmark your friend's IP with the Name.

Soon I will write more updates for this script... with various good features!


.Works only with MAYA 8.5 AND ABOVE (Python Lib Based)
.Need TCP/IP Protocol enabled.
.Tested in ... Maya 8.5, WinXP OS
.Its just a beta version - Bugs need to fixed - Help me in Troubleshooting the Bugs!


Please use the Bug System to report any bugs.
Please use the Feature Requests to give me ideas.
Please use the Support Forum if you have any questions or problems.
Please rate and review in the Review section.

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