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Global Illumination/Final Gather Settings 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Save your Global Illumination and Final Gather settings for later use in files. Use these files to update any scene.

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Last Modified:11/13/2012
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The function of this program is to allow the user to save their Global Illumination and Final Gather  settings and reload them when they please. This script is useful for when these settings get reset due to the Quality Preset being changed. **NOTE: This will only work with mental ray enabled.**

This script will save all the values for Global Illumination and Final Gathering into separate files so you can use them at any time in any scene. The interface is streamlined to allow the process of re-applying your values to be quick and painless. These files can also be edited externally by the user if further tweaks are required once Maya is closed.

Directions as included with the script:

- Run the script, it will automatically enable mental ray if it isn't already.

- A window will appear asking you to select where you would like to save your data. Click the button to proceed.

- Another window will appear that is similar to the "Indirect Lighting" tab of the Render Settings.   Here is where you may enter the values you want to change. When it loads it will automatically pull all the   values you have from the Render Settings window.  - If you would like to set the save directory to something different than what you had selected previously,   you can click "Select File Directory" and you will be directed to do so.

- From here you can save the values to a file by clicking "Save Entire Form to File" from the "Edit" dropdown. This will save each section as a separate .txt file.

- After the Quality Preset has been changed, you can reload the values into the Render Settings by clicking  the "Load to Maya" button. This can also be done from the "Edit" menu by clicking "Load Entire Form to Maya". This will send all the information from the form to Maya, instead of each section with the individual button presses.

- If the form has been cleared for any reason, you can load your values to the form by clicking "Load Entire From From File" in the "Edit" dropdown menu.

- You can now "Load to Maya" to apply these values to the Render Settings.

- If at any time you want to reset the values of the interface to default, click the "Reset to Default" button. This can also be done from the "Edit" menu by clicking "Reset Entire Form". This will clear the entire script window instead of needing to click the button for each section.

- To use the script with a custom button you can add the function "GIFGSettings" as the button command. By placing this script in the "\Documents\maya\(YOUR VERSION "20##-x##")\prefs\scripts" folder Maya will automatically source the script and allow you to run only one function whenever you need it. 

Please try it out and tell us what you think!

Created by:

Richard Borba (BorbaR67ATgmailDOTcom)
Michael Borba (BorbaM16ATgmailDOTcom)

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