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Crowd Maker 0.6.0 for Maya (maya script)

Crowd Maker: behavioural animation engine for...

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Last Modified:10/15/2005
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  • Chris Unger

    Chris Unger said over 8 years ago:

    I've found the fix for the error "Controls must have a layout. No layout found in window" This occurs for any version of Maya above 2011 (for me 2013), to fix this you're going to have to edit the script "cMakerCreationUI" in the script remove all lines containing "setParent..; setParent..;" save and then re-open maya. This fixed the problem for me, i hope it helps you. I found this out from this url:
  • frogface

    frogface said almost 9 years ago:

    Hi Can anyone explain to me how to install this ive followed the text instructions but must be a bit thick...dont know what im doing wrong..ive never installed anything like this before. thanks
  • Filippo Maccari

    Filippo Maccari said over 9 years ago:

    Hi! Does someone find out a solution to let the script works under Maya 2011? It seem to be just a trouble in the creation of the first window layout. The example scenes and other scenes created with previous versions of Maya work with no problem. Bye, Filippo
  • Oey

    Oey said almost 11 years ago:

    hey i did the tutorial but the objects dont rotate at all i dont know if its the verson or...
  • bambamcool

    bambamcool said about 14 years ago:

    hey man this stuff promise to be easy to follow and setup but when comes to work with unexperience person like Me can get very stuck but for the rest is cool hope you read this today or tomorrow i really need your help here
  • Diego

    Diego said almost 15 years ago:

  • adry

    adry said over 15 years ago:

    thank you for critics and suggestions. I will fix the problem soon. Adriano
  • Joojaa

    Joojaa said over 15 years ago:

    few problems: sripts are badly named without any user initials namespace protection. for exampla having a script named alifgnment is realy realy a bad idea! add initials on to please. examples should be as ma files!!! its security risk thisway. Absolutely horrible deployment scheme the image paths should be easily configured. consider modules. Very proissing stuff but realy ought to fix aalot before it can actualy be called finished :)

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