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controlMaker 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Creates controls for FK or IK rigging setups

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  • 7.x, 6.x

Operating Systems

  • Linux
  • Windows


Last Modified:06/04/2006
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This is a rigging tool for creating zeroed out controls on joints(or objects) that you have selected.

  • Select one or as many joints.
  • Control will inherit the name of what is selected. If you grab a joint called Lwirst, the control will be named LwristCON
  • Select a control type ( nurbs curves)
  • Select a type of snap you want (orient, point, point/orient, shape, or just snap to location)
  • Color slider to change the controls color that are created
  • Change the size of the control without affecting the scale channel
  • Can flip the control in either X, Y or Z (Does not affect childern controls)
  • Group all your controls under a group that exists or will create it for you automatically
  • Option for creating an extra groups for control. Helpfull for SDK's on groups
  • Dynamic locking of channels based off of snapping type(can change manually)
  • Each control snapped using orient will give you the option to add stretch allowing you to stretch the joint controlled.
  • No special grouping of controls needed. Orient controls will inherit the translation and rotation of the joints parent.
  • Quick toggle for selection handles.

Control has the same rotation order as the joint.

NEW: 3/25/06
Added better color selection.
New option called Advanced FK. Let's you create fewer controls to manage when you have a lot of joints. Great for tails and hair.

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