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Last Modified:02/18/2014
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Maya Lagging after using plug In

Submitted by: rquiroga rquiroga
Hi, really cool tool thanks!

Although I am experiencing very slow performance when I try to move key on the time slider after using the plug in...

Is there any way to delete history or smth like that, other than just hiting "REMOVE ALL" button?


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  • Spencer Jones

    Spencer Jones said over 5 years ago:

    Noticed this or similar issue myself moving keys in graph editor a few months back. I think it may have been a Maya editable trial issue - not 100% though. If you restart maya and use an editable trail without using arc tracker pro do you get same slow issue moving keys in timeline? I could take a look at the file you have issue with if you send it to and let me know what version of Maya you are using. spence

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