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AD UNIVERSAL FKIK MATCH TOOL 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

The tool for matching fk/ik rig in Maya

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Last Modified:10/22/2020
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Are you a rigger, animator, animation studio or school looking for the script for matching Fk/Ik character rig?! Here you have AD Universal Fk/Ik Match Tool! A simple tool that ready to use for set up your Fk/Ik rig.

The tool can easily to set up match Fk/Ik their character rig. It will generate things no matter the type of rig setup, whether you have been developing by yourself or it's from third party rig module like Advanced Skeleton tool. 

It also can be used on reference or non-reference characters (even with many characters in a scene) without defining the prefix name while matching Fk/Ik. Its very convenient to use, just clicking one button for all Fk/Ik matching setup. I can say with this tool you have no longer need developing the script to match Fk/Ik into your custom rig.

Finally, if you are an animator or rigger you may need to have this tool for customizing your own rig.

Tool Features :

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More documentation detail :

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