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SceneBatcher 1.0.9

Win32 utility that provides a gui for mayabatch

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Last Modified:10/12/2006
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SceneBatcher 1.09 - GUI front end to MayaBatch.exe

SceneBatcher is a Win32 utility that provides a GUI for mayabatch.exe. In other words, it runs MEL scripts on scene files unattended.

More Detail
Given one or more files and one or more MEL scripts, SceneBatcher runs the MEL script on each file, optionally saving and/or renaming the file with the resulting changes. SceneBatcher allows for more than one "type" of scene so that each type may have a distinct MEL script. For example you might distinguish between animations and models for batch export.

* runs without Maya UI
* saves settings and MEL scripts between sessions
* scene types may be set up for each distinct set of scenes that might require different processing or saving
* can save and load file lists
* sophisticated scene renaming and relocating options during save
* output summary with user-selected keywords
* processing continues beyond errant scenes. Errant scenes are left in file list for debugging.
* hover text on each control for quick help

SceneBatcher uses the mayabatch.exe utility that ships with Maya. It was developed for Maya 6.0 on Windows XP; however, there is nothing to prevent it's operation with other versions that include mayabatch.exe. A mouse is highly recommended.

SceneBatcher is simple to learn and convenient to use and is customizable for your project needs. Limited version is free; the full version is modestly priced.

Some Examples
* Change the name of a single joint in 400 animation scenes.
* Run an exporter unattended on all scenes with different settings for buildings vs animations vs skeletons
* Create a list of frames per animation or polygons per model to work frame and poly budgets

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