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Icons x 11 for Maya MEL Script Shelf

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Last Modified:12/10/2007
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If youre like me, you have a load of MEL scripts on your shelf in Maya with no suitable icons to go with them so you forget which one is which and you never use them. I realised I had a load of icons on my website that would be suitable, so I converted them, and they work great. Youre free to use them and distribute them for use in any tools interface. I hope they help you remember which button does what.

Installing your Icons in Maya:

Unzip the files into: My DocumentsmayaVERSION_NUMBERprefsicons

Start Maya

Go to the left of your custom shelf and press the down arrow, it will bring up a menu.

Select the Shelf Editor.

In the Shelf Contents tab select the script you want to customize and then press the Change Image.

Browse to the same directory and select the icon of your choice.

Repeat for any other buttons you want to change.

Then Save All Shelves

Note: They are just BMP files so they should work anywhere that you can use a 32x32 Icon, although I havent tried them in other programs. I have them all in various sizes with full alpha in the ICO format if you want to use them on your Windows interface, just go here:

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