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FileTextureManager - Max 1.0.0 for 3dsmax (3dsmax script)

Manage Texture files

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Last Modified:06/03/2011
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Steps to Use the Tool:

1. Save the scene.

2. Open and Close-> AssetTracking->in File Menu



3. Menu->MAXScript->RunScript->Load the FTM file.

4. Click-> Analyze Textures -> This will result in analyzing the opened scene and finds all the directories used for texture pathing and displays in Directory TreeView.

5. Click-> Any folder which is displayed in the FirstBox, which will result in displaying the Found files and Missing files in that specific directory path.

6. Now click on any file or the Root of Found or Missing files, which will select the entire tree. (Note: You can find a label below the box which will show the number of files and from which category you have selected in LOG)

7. Enter the path you like to set path the files and click Set Path button, wait for a while-> there you go your files are now Targeted to the NewPath.

8. Same steps for Copy and Move buttons.

9. Note: in Move the files are moved to a new directory which you have located and the automatically set the path of all the selected textures to that path. (Note: it wont delete the files from the old directory if the files are "ReadOnly")

10. Reset-> just resets every value and selections.

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