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IViewer3D Beta 1.0.5 for 3dsmax (3dsmax plugin)

Real time viewer that executes through a game engi

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  • 8.x, 7.x, 6.x, 5.x, 2008, 9.x, 4.x

Operating Systems

  • Windows


Last Modified:07/03/2008
File Size: 17.8 MB

IViewer3D allows you to export art assets from 3ds Max or Maya to a real-time environment. You can package your exported scenes into a standalone executable that can be distributed to others for viewing. IViewer3D lets you export animations and also supports normal mapping and specular maps.

The process is simple. You build your scene in 3ds Max or Maya, and then use the IViewer3D exporter to export your scene.Then use the IViewer3D packager to bundle your project into an .exe file for distribution.


  • 3ds Max and Maya exporters (3ds Max - all versions, Maya 2008 only).
  • Navigation and Model Viewer modes.
  • Camera collision detection to prevent users from "penetrating" walls and structures.
  • Terrain tracking so your camera follows terrain, floors, ramps or stairs.
  • Animation support, including skin/bones for characters..
  • Particle Systems, including built-in fire and smoke..
  • Normal mapping and specular mapping.
  • No installation required to run the packaged executable.
  • Simple scripting support for camera properties, lighting and fog.
  • Mouse click and proximity triggers for animations.

(Requires Windows XP or higher and DirectX 9.0c)

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