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How to create a digital Picasso
How to create a digital Picasso
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Here is the result using this simple solution for lighting without any kind of adjustments or fine tuning...

click for larger version

... and here you can see some different results after some adjustments using the built-in tools under the Render menu for color, brightness and contrast in ZBrush:

click for larger version

Don't worry about the self illuminated look of your model in the viewport. This is caused by the parameters in the skin shader...

click for larger version

... because after you hit the render buttom everything looks nice again :)

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  • mandar karve

    mandar karve said over 8 years ago:

    Hello Will, I am new user for zbrush and i was looking for some good tutorials. i found this one interesting and wanted to try out..but the links you have provided are not working could you help me out in this case... thnks, Mandar Karve

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