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Reference Image 1.3.0 for Zbrush

Reference Image - image modeling setup

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Last Modified:09/07/2005
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Reference Image is a simple way to set up modeling reference images in ZBrush.

* A single image is used with up to six views.
* Switch views without leaving Edit mode or dropping model.
* Rotate your model as you work, zoom or scroll the canvas and return to any view at the click of a button.
* Default positioning: an aid to placing your model. When switched on, clicking a view button that has not had a position stored will place the model at the correct rotation, in the center of the visible canvas. It can then be quickly moved into position before storing.
* Point constraints. When switched on, point movement is constrained to the view plane; a hotkey toggles on and off.
* Save settings to disk for use between ZBrush sessions.

***Note: Reference Image does NOT save your model. Be sure to save it!***

Unzip the zip file to your ZStartupZPlugs folder. Restart ZBrush and you will find a new subpalette Reference Image in your Layers palette. You can Ctrl+drag the buttons to where you want and store the setting (Ctrl+Shift+I).

For full instructions click the R I Setup button and choose Help.

I hope you find Reference Image useful.


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