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Sunflow Export Script 0.7.0 for Xsi

XSI export plugin for the Sunflow Renderer

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  • 5.x

Operating Systems

  • Windows


Last Modified:01/28/2007
File Size: 1.09 MB
Version: 0.7a
System: Linux , Windows + full source code

This is a plugin to export XSI scenes into .sc files for the Sunflow Renderer (

Developed for XSI 5.x on Linux (Windows DLL and source included)

New in this version:
* enable / disable GI and Caustic features
* fixed subdivision bug
* two more bucket orders
* removed accelerator settings (not needed anymore)
* Depth of Field (camera with 'depth of field' auto mode in XSI)
* changed the version numbering (easier to manage in XSI)
* option to export hidden objects/lights/cameras or not (off by default)
* fixed 'no caustics' but still in scene file bug
* output now organized
* more image settings (jitter, contrast, general image samples)
* reorganized tabs
* windows dll (thanks to janimatic)

For more information and an install guide visit my website at

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