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KP_PointCacheManager XSI 2.5.0 for Xsi (xsi script)

point cache manager, 3ds max compatible

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  • 6.x, 5.x

Operating Systems

  • Windows


Last Modified:01/24/2008
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The KP_PointCacheManager allows you to easily export point caches of scene objects, apply them to several objects with one click and to manage the applied point caches in the scene. The KP_PointCache operator plays back the recorded data and features offset, influence and time warp parameters.

Caches can be exported to 3 different formats:

  • point cache (pts): 3ds Max point cache modifier compatible point cache (polygonal objects only).
  • point cache 2 (pc2): 3ds Max point cache 2 modifier compatible point cache
  • point cache double precision (pcd): same internal structure as pc2 format but stores doubles instead of floating point data.
Version 2.5:
  • fixed compability issues with 64 bit, PC2 files can be read and written by both 64 bit and 32 bit applications now
  • improved memory mode: with load option set to memory scene playback is now a lot faster (approx.: 50-100%)
  • Source Code now available for download
Version 2.1:
bug fixes:
  • fixed bug that could crash XSI while applying cache files
  • fixed bug that prevents operator from updating when a new cache file is set or an obsolete is replaced

new features:

  • added support for linear, cosine, cubic and hermite interpolation

V2.0: version 2 is a complete rewrite of the old plugins.
The main new features are:
  • support for motion blur
  • sampling rates other than 1.0
  • option to load the cache in memory
  • operator is now a self installable operator (expression to evaluate at every frame no longer needed)
  • custom playback parameters
Download link is a zip with an Add-On for XSI 6.01 and 5.11, visit website for details.

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