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HandyMansScript 1.0 for Xsi (xsi script)

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Last Modified:06/06/2002
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To view script properly formatted view script in XSI script editor for further use.

The HandyMansScripts purpose is to automate the task of attaching the ends of each finger and thumb to a shape to be shape animated 'for different hand gestures.

It was inspired by sign language. "NTID at Rochester Institute of Technology is the worlds first and largest technological college for students who are deaf and hard of hearing."
The HandyMansScript works with most skeleton setups, including normal hands with four fingers and one thumb or alien hands with three or whatever.

The HandyMansScript is also available in Mel from Nov2000 so its a little rusty. I'll update it soon and post it when I get a chance or someone will copy it for Maya soon anyway :)
Date : Wednesday, January 23rd, 2002
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