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chanBreak 2.0.0 for Shake

4 output group node macro

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Last Modified:10/21/2009
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So I may have forgotten to add the toolbox UI artwork into this. I just updated it to include the artwork and I also modified the macro a bit by taking both UI header files and combining them into one. This is something I will be doing with all of my macro header files in the near future and make available for download. The process will make the macros more light weight and smoother for shake to upload in the boot process.

This macro isn't really an effect macro, but a utility for splitting your image into the RGBA channels through 1 input and 4 outputs.  I had some help building this macro from DavidW here on the site, and it requires a little more effort to install, but I have all the instructions included.


this macro is very basic and has been done a million times. it just takes your RGBA channels and combines them back to one, but the button matches the chanBreak button so its a little more convenient in that way haha.

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