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Nuke flameConnect 1.0.0 for Nuke (nuke script)

Connect Nuke nodes like in autodesk flame

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  • 6.x, 5.x

Operating Systems

  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows


Last Modified:11/24/2010
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This nuke script lets you connect Nuke nodes like in autodedsk flame or flint. 
Press the y key and and kiss (hover over) with the selected Node the node you want to connect it with. It runs fine on all platform and down to nuke 5.1.

how to use:

add those lines into your in your nuke folder:

import flameConnect

nodeMenu ='Nuke')

nodeMenu.addCommand ('flameConnect', 'flameConnect.testen()', ' +y')

There are still some limitations:

scene inputs can only take 9 inputs with flameConnect
appenClip nodes same as scene nodes
mask inputs cannot be connected
hidden inputs will not get activated
nodes with more than 4 inputs like phong only connect the first and second input

I hope i will be able to fix those issues in a future release.

The largest scene this script was tested in had 800 nodes on dag. it ran smooth...

But after all please use it on your own risk, although the feedback i was given is very positive.


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