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Mocha to Nuke, TCL 0.1.0 for Nuke

Helps to import track data from Mocha to Nuke

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Last Modified:09/06/2008
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Installation for Nuke 4.x
Place import_ifffse.tcl into nuke plugins folder. Now open a menu.tcl, find the line
menu "Animation/File/Import Ascii..." import_ascii 
and add before or after, as you wish the next one
menu "Animation/File/Import_IFFFSE" import_ifffse

Installation for Nuke 5.x
Place import_ifffse.tcl into nuke plugins folder. Now open a, find the line
m ="Animation");
and add new one after
m.addCommand("File/Import_IFFFSE", "nuke.tcl("import_ifffse")")

In Mocha (mokey) export your track data as IFFFSE Point Track Data. It creates 5 files named like Layer 1_Tracker1.ascii - Layer 1_Tracker4.ascii and Layer 1_Centre.ascii. four files for corners of cornerpin and last one - average translation only.
Now in Nuke in your CornerPin's paramaters push the button :)of animation menu of the first corner and select File/Import IFFFSE.
In panel pop-ups you have to seelct one of the four "corner" files exported from mocha. Start At parameter is a frame which animation starts from. It takes from your project settings by default.
Repeat this for all corners.

Also you can use it for Tracker Node or 2D transrom - remember about average translation file Layer 1_Centre.ascii.

Note that corners in IFFFSE and Nuke have a diffarint order.

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