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FromNuke2Maya - Export Nuke-Cameras 1.1.0 for Nuke (nuke script)

Exports a Nuke-Camera as a fm2n-File to import it into Maya.

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  • 5.x

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Last Modified:04/12/2011
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nuke, fm2n, maya

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  • 3Donutz

    3Donutz said over 8 years ago:

    I used this script from Nuke6.3 to Maya 2011 and works very well! Camera animation of 250 frames / 1280 x 720. Thanks, very good! :)
  • benjamin jean

    benjamin jean said almost 11 years ago:

    Hi everyone, for maya 2k11, maya's script needs changes, indeed, the lines " melCmd.eval('CBdeleteConnection " have to be removed, otherwise the script does not work at all. ben

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