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Nuke Camera Tracker Export 1.0.0 for Nuke (nuke plugin)

Exports Nuke Camera Tracker easily to Maya(using an ASCII File)

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  • 5.x

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Last Modified:09/10/2010
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maya, ascii, nuke

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  • Teeto

    Teeto said about 9 years ago:

    With no reviews or commendation for this plugin, I am indeed glad to be the first person to post!!! This is THE ONLY plugin for camrea export ANYWHERE on the internet that I've found to work seamlessly with Maya from Nuke. I've played with the chan exporter and others here on creative crash and have had no luck since I use Nuke 6.2 which gives error when trying to load up in Maya 211. This one worked almost perfectly!! Almost, simply cos it didnt setup the frame ranges or fps in Maya, but hey!!! I am reallly grateful to have finally found something that works!! Thanks so so very much for this, and be sure I'd keep an eye for mire developments.

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