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Walk Cycle
Walk Cycle
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We will now learn how to use this database to build a natural walk cycle from the walk to run.
I'll now teach you my favorite way to work with the keyframes. I don't like keyframes, I prefere set driven keys. So select the body, inside the extra attributes you will find a new attribute "walk_cycle".
Open the set driven key editor. Load the "body walk_cycle" inside the set driven key driver section, then select the "control" (you'll easly select it from the hypergraph), load it into the set driven key driven section, select all the attribute from the "rightHand".
The default values of the parameters are set to simulate a normal human walk cycle, so if you like it, set the "body walk_cycle" to "1" and save your first driven key.
Then set the "body walk_cycle" to "0", put the "control" "walk freq" value to "0", adjust the others parameter as you want and set another driven key.
Now set the "body walk_cycle" to "6", set the "control" parameters to these values:

walk freq 6
walk springness -0.08
walk jar jar 0.05
shoulders position 0.5
hips springness -0.12
right hand bounc. -6
left hand bounc. -6
right feet freq. -1.5
left feet freq. -1.5

save the set driven key.

Now set the "body walk_cycle" to "10", set "control" parameters to:

walk freq 10
walk springness -0.5
walk jar jar 0.05
shoulders highness 4.7
shoulders position 1
hips highness 6.5
hips springness -0.2
right hand position -1
right hand highness 8
right hand freq -2
right hand bounc -10
left hand position -1
left hand highness 8
left hand freq -2
left hand bounc -10
right foot highness 3
right foot freq -5
left foot highness 3
left foot freq -5

Save the set driven key.

Try and try again to find out the right way to let it run and walk better.

Exercise: try to reproduce the "Jar Jar Binks" walk cycle. It's not difficult. Another good test is to setup a cyclist.

Thanks for your attention, enjoy with this database.

please feel free to contact me for any suggestion, bug report or other information.
If you will use for any kind of production or you think to have created a nice character, please contact me.

Federico "doc" Cascinelli.