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How to paint on Subdivision Surface inside Maya
How to paint on Subdivision Surface inside Maya
sdb1987, added 2005-09-13 12:07:52 UTC 38,921 views  Rating:
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I wrote this tutorial just to share with the maya community of this web site this trick I found to resolve a big problem, (at least for mine): how to paint on Subdivision Surface inside Maya.

1. This is an head I modelled for an incoming italian production of the Pool studio in Rome

2. Front view of our character Ciccio, drawing by Corrado Ficarelli

3. side view of Ciccio

4. So let's start, extract the vertex with the option showing the original vertex checked on

5. delete the history of both the sub Ciccio and the poligon Ciccio object that we dont need anymore

6. apply around Poly Ciccio a cilindrical mapping

7. put his sweep to 360

8. start to relax the UV in the texture view, selecting the places you need or the whole object.

9. in case you select the whole object use the "pin the UV border" option, to avoid big distortion, if you are working on some zones, use "pin unselected UVs"

10. Our texture after the relax