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Modeling a Human Ear
Modeling a Human Ear
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Step #8.

I created a large polygon on the back of the ear, closing it. Simple. 8)

Step #9.

I then extruded the face out and scaled it a bit smaller. I deleted the polygons that weren't needed and merged some vertices that I had snapped to others near the front area where it will connect to the head. Moved the new vertices to better places to define the new ridge better.

Step #10.

Extruded the large face once more to make the area where the ear will connect to the head. I then deleted any unnecessary polygons. Pretty much the same step as step nine. Merged any vertices that were snapped to others. Moved the new vertices to make a decent head connection shape.

Step #11.

I then added more definition around then ear hole area where it will connect to the cheek. I also moved the vertices in the outer helix inside curve outwards to create a sharper curve, I then did yet more tweaking on the general shape of the ear and its curves, always looking for areas that are three point polygons that I can delete edges on, or change slightly to make them four point.

Step #12.

Did some more general adjusting on the vertices for a nicer outline, deleted the odd edges here and there and touched them up. Rotated the vertices outwards to make a more pleasing curve to the ear (Your ears not flat against your head� a common mistake). Defined around the ear hole tweaking the vertices there and around the inner ridges (antihelix), tweaked the vertices around the lobe to round it out some more. Went on one last prowl trying to get rid of three point vertices. You can pretty much tweak it until the cows come home at this stage. 8)

Image 13 isn't needed�


All that is left is to Smooth (Sub-divide) it in whatever way your software package does.


Well, hoped that helps with any of your future ear modeling needs. It's not exactly the best ear model out there, but it's good enough for this tutorial. 8) As for the ear connection, you can reduce the number of edges that connect it to the head with a minimal amount of effort to match your head model. Pretty simple modeling, but I think makes for an effective ear.

Jon McBain