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Fast modeling without mapping Uvs
Fast modeling without mapping Uvs
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Fast modeling with texture

By Thiago Jos� C�ser

Hi everyone. I found a trick way to put a texture in a circumference shape without losing time mapping the Uvs. This technic can be used for fast modeling of similar shapes. So here we go:

I took three pictures of a can that I found in my house: a bottom, a top and a middle texture. So I annexed them in three planes.

In the next step I created and sized a cylinder in the plane with the top can texture. It�s very easy because the plane don�t distort the texture.

Select the cylinder them the plane and do a polygons � boolems � intersection.

We have the texture and the shape finished! Do the same with the bottom texture. Don�t forget to copy and paste the same cylinder.

Using the same cylinder we can match the vertex points of the cylinder with the bottom and top �plane� textures. So we can grab the points and merge vertex. Don�t forget to combine the polygons to use the merge vertex action.

Bottom accomplished!

End. I hope this was useful!

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