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UIBuilder 1.0.7 for Maya (maya script)

Drag&Drop enabled UIBuilder within Maya

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  • 8.x, 7.x

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Last Modified:10/19/2007
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UIBuilder 1.0.7 b
UIBuilderData 0.7.7
UIExplorer 0.9.3

Update: It seems to get this to work you have to source it twice. Not sure why yet - no Maya to test with...

This is my first public release of the UIBuilder I have been working on for a little while. It is functionally complete, but not completely tested, and still lacks the component definitions of some of the controls - it can do the ones it knows quite well, but it doesn't yet know them all.

It also contains my old tool UIExplorer which can be used to examine the currently visible UI in a Maya session. This tool needs a redesign but I haven't bothered with that yet as it does work as is.
The reason for including it is that I added a function to allow (partial) capture of the UI you are looking at with UIExporer into UIBuilder. It's not perfect but that's mostly due to the write-only nature of some of Maya's UI config.

Each file has a comment at the top detailing it's usage, but for the most part, just put them in your script path and add a shelf icon for each that first sources it then runs it (not for UIBuilderData as it's just data).
The reason for the source is to ensure any setup code gets run when it's needed.

Unfortunately, at the moment I don't have access to Maya to complete it as I am between jobs, but I hope to change that soon. Maybe I can get by enough with the PLE version to fill out the data (tho I will not be able to run the script completely there due to MEL restrictions).

Most controls will have tooltips that explain them, but be sure to read the docs in the top of the scripts first as there are a number of less-obvious features mentioned there.

This version has been tested in Maya 7 & 8, but only on Windows. It makes use of the windows-only background colour of UI widgets to make things clearer, but apart from formLayout children that's not a necessity, so it should work on other OS's - let me know. (c:

One important note is that this version still contains the trace/profiling calls, although they are NoOps now.
Should you find a bug, I recommend removing line 241 to re-enable the debug code, and edit lines 270 and 299 (271 and 300 before removal of 241), to ensure that the file path for the trace file is valid, and the same on both. Try to replicate the error in the smallest number of clicks, re-source UIBuilder to reset the trace file, repeat the error, and send me the description of what you did, and the trace file (zipped preferably).
When I am able to continue work on it again I will address any issues anyone finds. However, read the known issues part first. (c:

PS: remember that in Maya, drag&drop is done with the Middle mouse button, not the others. (c:

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