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Snap, Split, and Join Modeling tool 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Snap, Split, and Join Modeling tool

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Last Modified:10/29/2017
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modeling, Rigging, face

I was working on merging a separate eye lid to existing face mesh and thought these tools would be handy.
I wanted a way to exclude some faces from the separated eyelid mesh so I wrote a split by edgeloop tool.  I wanted a way for the border of the eyelid to match existing face inner brow vertices so I wrote a snap vertex to closest vertex in other mesh.  Finally i wanted a way to join the separate eyelid mesh to the face so I wrote join mesh tool.
usage examples:
#first copy into your python scripts directory
#snapping vertex from one mesh to closest vertex in another mesh
import naSeam
naSeam.naSnapToMesh('polySurface1') #here polySurface1 plays role of the Face without eyelid mesh
#joining selected meshes
#splitting by selected edgeloop (because of face conversion it should really be one border in from where want to do split)
use/modify at your own risk.
Happy Modeling!
nathananozie dot blogspot dot com

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