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SimpleFKChain 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Creates a simple FK Chain for Spines and other FK Setups

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  • 2012

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Last Modified:10/23/2012
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pymel, Rigging, FK Ctrls

This script creates a simple FK chain setup for rigging purposes.

I use this script for my FK spine setups, as I like my control setups to be simple (one control for the entire spine), although this would also work for Arms and legs.

What you need:
PyMEL for Maya

How it works:

SimpleFKChain creates a subCtrl for every bone in your jnt chain, orients and places it to fit the bone setup, constraints the bones to these subCtrls via OrientConstraints, and then constraints it to a master Control of your choice using expressions. 

All you need to do is first select your Master control, then your joint hierarchy (each bone, starting with the root).
Then just run the script and voila! All done.


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